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Cervical electroconisation LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) is a therapeutic and diagnostic method used in women with abnormal cytology or colposcopy.

Using an electrosurgical loop under low-voltage current, the material necessary for further diagnostics, i.e. histopathological examinations, is extracted. If there is abnormal tissue on the cervix, the procedure enables its removal. The procedure then has a therapeutic function. Specialists of Ambroziak Clinic have been performing cervical electroconisation for years, thanks to which diagnostics is detailed and precise, and women do not have to worry about incorrect diagnosis.

Why is it worth it?

Cervical electroconisation has several advantages, which make it a popular choice. First of all, patients tolerate the electroconisation procedure better than the former surgical conisation procedure. Moreover, the treatment is easy to perform and relatively inexpensive. Cervical electroconisation can be performed on an outpatient basis, whereas surgical conisation requires an operating theatre, which is more costly.

What do you need to know?




PLN 3 300

Problem solved

Abnormal cytology or colposcopy, abnormal cervical tissue

Duration time

App. 40 minutes


After cervical electroconisation, the specialist has the necessary material for further diagnostics, such as histopathological examinations. Such examinations are very detailed and the material taken during the examination makes it possible to carry them out flawlessly. In addition, if the doctor detects abnormal tissue during the cervical electroconisation examination, they are able to remove it using an electrical loop.

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The cervical conisation procedure can only be performed if there is no vaginal or urinary tract inflammation. LEEP is performed in the first phase of the cycle, immediately after menstrual bleeding. If you are taking acetylsalicylic acid derivatives, you should inform your doctor about the medication you are taking and, after consultation, stop taking it about 2 weeks before the procedure. You should come to the examination on an empty stomach. It is recommended to eat the last meal at app. 6 p.m. on the day preceding the examination. Just before the examination, you may take an analgesic to alleviate any unpleasant sensations associated with the procedure. The patient is placed on a chair in the so called gynaecological position. A speculum is then used to gain access to the cervix. If general anaesthesia is used, it is administered before the speculum is inserted. After anaesthesia, an electric loop is inserted to cut out a 1.5 cm high cone-shaped piece of the cervix. This provides the material for histopathological examination. If there is abnormal tissue within the cervix, an attempt is made to remove it using the electric loop. Low voltage current is delivered via a thin wire inserted into the vagina. The LEEP procedure is routinely performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia. In this case, the Patient may feel discomfort connected with slight pain. This occurs when the cervix is injected with a 1-2% lignocaine solution. Cervical electroconisation can also be performed in the operating theatre under general anaesthesia. In this case, the patient does not feel any discomfort during the procedure.

If you experience pain, it is advisable to take an analgesic to relieve the discomfort; it is advisable to limit sexual intercourse until your next menstrual period is over; you should not use tampons during menstruation or irrigate the vagina; after 10-14 days you may experience bleeding due to peeling off of the necrotic layer associated with impact of the electrical loop on the cervix; a follow-up visit is advisable after approx. A follow-up visit is recommended approximately 3 weeks after cervical conisation unless the doctor sets a different date.

intimate inflammations or infections, menstruation,??

No, cervix electroconisation is performed under general anaesthesia.

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