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The CO2 laser is an exceptionally effective method of reducing scars, stretch marks, fine wrinkles and skin rejuvenation. Through micro-punctures, it stimulates the skin to renew itself and causes reconstruction in the affected areas. In the hands of an experienced doctor, results are spectacular.

The technology of this device is a state of the art development in the laser technology applied in dermatology – optical fibre laser built from glass fibre, which creates a stream of microscopic-diameter impulses, distributed on the skin evenly by the scanning head, just like a spray. The effect is rejuvenation of skin with sun damage, smoothing of wrinkles and scars without causing visible wounds with a long period of painful treatment.

Why is it worth it?

Unlike the lasers applied so far, it does not expose or evaporate the skin surface in a uniform manner, but “perforates” it with thousands of microscopic columns, leaving around the “well of burns” a grid made up by islands of healthy, undamaged skin. Thanks to this, the healing process progresses very fast and does not involve creation of a visible wound.

What do you need to know?


Face and body


From PLN 650

Problem solved

Stretch marks, scars, fine wrinkles

How often repeat

every 3-4 weeks

Duration time

Depending on the scope of treatment


Most patients notice an improvement in skin quality already a few days after the treatment performed with the CO2 fractional laser. To a large extent, this is likely to be caused by certain swelling, which conceals the wrinkles and scars. This is not the final effect of the treatment – the skin takes little time to damage, but the processing of collagen needs time, from 2 to 4 weeks. Lasting renewal effects are visible then. Skin reconstruction will be visible perfectly 4-5 weeks after the end of a series of 3-5 treatments. However, collagen reconstruction will continue, causing the smoothing and firming of skin for 6-12 more months after the treatment. Changes in the epidermis and in the collagen contained in the dermis, caused by the treatments, are permanent. Objective tests have demonstrated that positive changes caused by the treatments do not disappear 6 months after the treatments. However, sunlight, gravity and the time do their job and no device can stop the passage of time, even though the laser can take it back, in fact many seasons back.

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Treatment with the CO2 fractional laser requires prior anaesthesia of the skin with a cream. After approx. 40 minutes, the anaesthetic is washed off and the treatment begins. The treatment consists of microdamages of the skin to stimulate its reconstruction. After the treatment, the patient may experience local bleeding and white dots on the treated areas. After about a week the marks should disappear, however, full regeneration of the skin requires about 4 weeks. As with any treatment, the patient wears eye protection goggles.

Redness and slight swelling appears on the skin after the treatment performed with the CO2 laser. Temporary rash may also develop, as it is in the case of allergies. Skin looks like after excessive sunbathing, with all effects typical for that, which pass after several hours – which happens the sooner the more consistently the patient applies all products used in case of sunburns. Redness disappears after 3-5 days, whereas the swelling increases after 2 days and disappears after 3-4 days. Afterwards, the skin gets somewhat brownish and exfoliates. After a week, the skin regains its normal appearance. If an injection anaesthesia is applied, temporary bruises may appear at the place of injection. Very rarely, in case of the highest powers, blisters may develop scabs while healing. If oral anaesthetics were administered to the patient, the patient must not drive a car until the next day. Otherwise, the patient may return to regular activity immediately after the treatment, while avoiding the sunlight and hot baths.

Neoplastic skin disease, pregnancy, fillers applied previously at the same place.

During one treatment, the fractional laser in Warsaw impacts only 10-20% of the selected skin area. Full skin regeneration and final results will be achieved after a series of 2-4 treatments. It is believed that one ablative fractional laser treatment gives results comparable to 4-5 non-ablative treatments.

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