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Hyperpigmented spots are a very bothersome aesthetic problem faced by thousands of patients. Thanks to the effective method, offered by Ambroziak Clinic for years, we are able to get rid of as many as 99% of hyperpigmented spots.

Not only does the treatment enable effective elimination of hyperpigmented spots, but it also restores skin smoothness and radiance. This therapy programme is tailored to the patient's needs and their skin phototype.

Why is it worth it?

The main advantage of it is effectiveness against stains and hyperpigmentation - as high as 99%. Moreover, the treatment restores skin brilliance, so that it is radiant and smooth again, perfect for the summer season.

What do you need to know?


Face, neck, decolletage, hands


PLN 2750

Problem solved

Sun stains, hormonal hyperpigmentation, melasma

How often repeat

If hyperpigmentation recurs, the treatment may be repeated in the subsequent autumn and winter season

Duration time

App. 30 minutes


Skin condition improves one week after commencement of the treatment. Depending on skin type, treatment progresses at various pace. In the case of dark skin, stains disappear after 8-10 days. In patients with a fair complexion - people with blonde and brown hair, with light coloured eyes - vanishing of stains is observed between 8 and 21 days. In 99% of cases, stain pigmentation intensity is reduced by 95%. Although hyperpigmentation virtually disappears, a shadow may sometimes be observed in places where hyperpigmented spots used to be located.

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Stage I takes place at the surgery and involves application of a mask on the skin by the doctor. The mask remains on the skin for several hours and is rinsed off by the patient at home. The mask application time is 5-10 hours and it is determined by the doctor depending on skin type. Stage II involves treatment continuation at home, using a cream. This allows sustaining and deepening the treatment results. Treatment continuation at home guarantees durability of results of the treatment initiated at the surgery and allows effective elimination of hyperpigmented spots. Although clear improvement of skin condition and lightening of hyperpigmented spots will be visible towards the end of week one, treatment must be continued for at least 3 months. If the therapy is shortened, the patient may return to the starting point and therapy may need to be repeated.

It is important to maintain continuity of treatment. If treatment is interrupted, hyperpigmentation may reappear, because the therapy does not eliminate the tendency to hyperpigmentation, but only stops the process. After completing the treatment, the patient must also remember to use appropriate SPF 50 sunscreen, because if protection is neglected when the body demonstrates a hyperpigmentation tendency - hyperpigmented spots may reappear.

Active inflammation, suntan, allergy to product ingredients, sun exposure after the treatment.

No, the treatment is not painful at all.

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