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The first signs of both chronological aging and photo-aging, such as atonicity, dry skin, discolourations and expression lines can be visible even at a young age. The Forlle'd laboratory has therefore selected an ingredient that will prevent premature aging. This was possible through the discovery of biologically compatible and highly effective platinum with powerful antioxidant properties. This is how the Hyalogy Platinum Line was created, to effectively combat photo-aging, hyperpigmentations and loss of skin firmness.
Low-molecular, ionised platinum is resistant to all forms of free radicals so it effectively fights the main cause of skin photo-aging. Platinum, which is biologically compatible with the skin and possesses exceptional antioxidant properties, forms the core of the anti-aging platinum series. Platinum based preparations have a strong detoxifying effect and are excellent in the fight against discolourations of various origin.

Why is it worth it?

The Forlle'd Platinum Treatment is a guarantee of luxury and effectiveness. It prevents skin photo-aging by acting as a powerful anti-oxidant and stimulates the skin to renew, improving its structure and restoring a youthful appearance. Additionally, it regulates pigmentation processes, prevents the formation of age related discolourations and demonstrates detoxifying properties, eliminating imperfections.

What do you need to know?


face, neck, decolletage

Problem solved

improved skin quality

How often repeat

A series of 5-6 treatments at intervals of 2-3 weeks is recommended.

Duration time

80 minutes


After the treatment, the skin becomes clear, radiant, smooth and visibly relaxed.
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