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The anterior vaginal wall is the location of an induration which, in case of some women, is very sensitive, highly innervated, which causes very intense experience during sexual intercourse. That is the G spot. The G spot augmentation procedure is designed to enlarge that spot, which results in increased sexual satisfaction.

By many researchers, the G spot is considered the most erogenous area in the woman’s body. The augmentation procedure improves sexual experiences, powiększenia intensyfikuje doznania seksualne, but it may also become the last resort for women who do not experience orgasm during sexual intercourse. The orgasm related problem aggravates with age, as with the passage of time this area becomes smaller and the number of sensory receptors which receive the pleasure stimuli is reduced.

Why is it worth it?

It is proven that satisfaction in the sexual sphere significantly affects life satisfaction and makes us happier. Therefore, it seems worth using the solutions of modern aesthetic gynaecology, which - in a very precise and safe manner - responds to all biological problems with sexual satisfaction.

What do you need to know?


G spot


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Problem solved

Insufficiently large and sensitive G spot, lack of sexual satisfaction

How often repeat

The treatment ought to be repeated at approximately one-year intervals.


G spot enlargement is a state of the art non-surgical method, aimed at making the G-spot more prominent and more firm. The procedure is always preceded with a medical history interview. Administration of the Desirial preparation into that area increases its volume. During intercourse, it becomes stimulated stronger and, therefore, the woman’s experience becomes more intense. Effects of the G spot enlargement treatment last for approximately one year.

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The procedure involves the injection of hyaluronic acid into the G spot, thus increasing the quality of experience during intercourse.

intimate infections; menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding


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