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The aging process of the body affects all of its organs. Not only the skin, but also the mucous membranes and muscles become more flabby. The intimate area also suffers. As a result of vaginal walls flaccidity, the reproductive organs get lower and the vagina feels loose. The consequence is discomfort during physical activity and reduced sexual satisfaction. Changes in anatomy of the vagina and urinary system lead secondarily to urinary incontinence. Importantly, these problems do not need to occur after the menopause, although they will certainly affect a larger percentage of women then. We know that these problems can also occur in young patients, especially after natural childbirth. However, pregnancy itself, even if terminated by caesarean section, poses a risk of urinary incontinence or vaginal loosening. Hormonal disorders and obesity are other possible causes of irregularities in this area.
The HIFU treatment applied intravaginally allows restoring normal tension of soft tissues of the vagina and, thus, the comfort of intimate life.
HIFU technology allows shrinking of soft tissues as a result of local heating. Additionally, micro-damage stimulating collagen fibres to produce new collagen occurs within the structures treated with ultrasounds. Thanks to selective action on tissues, ultrasound waves bypass superficial structures and do not damage vaginal mucosa, but reach a certain depth causing effects in a precisely planned space. Different types of heads are available, affecting at different depths. At our Clinic, we use those which reach the depths of 3 mm and 4.5 mm. The head has a phallic shape and requires the use of gel in order to properly transfer the energy of ultrasound waves. After inserting it into the vagina, it performs a slow movement around its axis, reaching the vaginal walls along its entire circumference.

Why is it worth it?

- restores normal vaginal tension after pregnancy and childbirth; - reverses and stops the vaginal aging process - eliminates small and medium urinary incontinence - if applied at the beginning of ailments, allows avoiding surgical treatment if the ailments intensify slightly - enables return to sporting activity without the feeling of air escaping from the vagina or urinary incontinence - restores sexual satisfaction - preventive application postpones the occurrence of natural consequences related to structural changes in the reproductive organ

What do you need to know?


The HIFU treatment in gynaecology is carried out with a transvaginal head, only in the vaginal area.

Problem solved

The use of HIFU in aesthetic gynaecology allows restoring normal vaginal wall tension in most women and elimination of stress urinary incontinence symptoms. Effectiveness of the treatment depends on many individual, anatomical factors and severity of the problem.

How often repeat

It is believed that a single treatment will bring the desired results in most cases. Sometimes, in certain situations, it is necessary to repeat the treatment, but not earlier than after 4-6 weeks. Planning of the therapy and the number of treatments is agreed individually with the gynaecologist.

Duration time

App. 30 minutes


The initial effect of slight tissue shrinkage of tissues can be felt immediately after the treatment. However, the final effect, especially in the area of urinary incontinence, is visible about 4-6 weeks after the treatment.
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There are no specific recommendations after the procedure. All physical activities and intercourse are allowed, as long as the patient feels well with that.

-pregnancy - breastfeeding - abnormal cytology - abnormal genital bleeding - vaginal inflammation - certain anatomical defects

The procedure is not painful and is carried out without the need for anaesthesia. The patient may feel a slight tremor or warmth in the area treated by the ultrasound wave.

- vaginal shrinkage - return of sexual satisfaction - relief or reduction of urinary incontinence depending on severity of the problem - elimination of the feeling of air escaping from the vagina during physical activity or intercourse

Due to the variety of factors causing the conditions that are an indication for the procedure and individual anatomical and hormonal characteristics of each patient, the effect may last for different lengths of time, from several months to 2 years.

The tissues which are subjected to ultrasounds are located under the vaginal mucous membrane at various depths and this is where the collagen fibres are rebuilt. This allows for a completely natural effect.

On the treatment day, there may be slight swelling and discomfort in the vagina. Sometimes there is slight pain, which lasts up to 2 days.

The final effect is achieved 4-6 weeks after the treatment.

Usually one treatment is enough to achieve the desired effect. In some cases it is necessary to repeat the treatment after 6 weeks.

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