Laser closing of capillaries

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Laser closing of capillaries is a way of removing very small vessels which sclerotherapy cannot cope with. Thanks to its non-invasiveness, precision and effectiveness, all patients are satisfied with the treatment and do not have to worry about the appearance of their legs for a long time.
The procedure is recommended if the capillaries are small and sclerotherapy cannot be performed. Capillaries on the legs are closed with a diode laser or a Nd-Yag laser with a special head designed for closing capillaries on the legs. After the treatment, the skin is slightly reddened, but the healing period is virtually unnoticeable.

Why is it worth it?

The system of laser capillary closing uses the phenomenon of light absorption in the haemoglobin of blood accumulated in the damaged vessel. The laser does not damage the epidermis, so the treatments are minimally invasive and at the same time very precise, effectively concentrating the energy on the treated tissue.


The effects of laser capillary closing are very simple and quick - closed vessels, no scarring and no pain.
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