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Why is it worth it? What do you need to know? Effects
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Fine wrinkles, persistent redness and loss of firmness are the problems our patients most frequently report. Very often, patients cannot afford a convalescence period, but expect good results. This is when we can suggest laser treatments.

This laser is one of the 1064 nm Nd:Yag lasers for removing fine lines and wrinkles and for face lifts. This kind of laser combines heating of the blood vessel network with gentle heating of the dermis to improve skin density, shrink sebaceous glands and smoothen wrinkles. Treatment with the laser stimulates collagen production, makes skin elastic and improves its structure. A great advantage for the patient is the short treatment time of about 40 minutes, a treatment which is not non-invasive and does not require any convalescence.

Why is it worth it?

Good results without a convalescence period.

What do you need to know?


face, neck, decolletage


from PLN 800

Problem solved

redness, fine wrinkles, loss of skin tension

How often repeat

Treatments are performed at intervals of 2-3 weeks

Duration time

App. 40 minutes


reduction of redness, reduction of fine wrinkles, improved skin tension

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The treatment involves exposing the treated area to laser light

- sun protection, SPF 50 filters

Fresh suntan, pregnancy, interrupted epidermal continuity, epilepsy, photosensitising drugs and herbs, retinoid therapy (vitamin A), taking drugs reducing blood coagulation, psoriasis, vitiligo, diabetes, keloids, active skin infections, pacemaker, fresh surgical procedures

The treatment causes slight discomfort

reduction of redness, elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin tension

After a series of treatments, the skin is visibly refreshed and the effect is long lasting

slight redness in the treated area, which disappears after a few hours

Treatment results are visible already after the first treatment, but a series of treatments is recommended for long-term effects.

Yes, 4-6 treatments are recommended.

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