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Our specialists have been performing various procedures using the patients' own fat tissue for many years now, both for aesthetic and medical procedures. Extensive experience allows us to provide our patients with sensational results. One of such treatments is lipotransfer, which allows - among other things - regaining skin elasticity, evening out of furrows and wrinkles and modelling the cheeks, chin or calves.

Lipotransfer treatment involves separation of fat tissue from areas where it appears in an excessive quantity and administration thereof into areas where it is becoming insufficient, after prior preparation in order to obtain the most valuable fat cells. The shortages may be connected with skin aging in the facial area, such as sagging cheeks, under eye shadows or atrophic scars.

Why is it worth it?

As the material used in the lipotransfer treatment, i.e. the patient's own fat tissue, is completely natural, it is safe even to people with allergies. Long lasting results of this treatment, absolute safety and versatile applications make it one of the most frequently chosen procedures offered at Ambroziak Clinic.

What do you need to know?


Various areas

Problem solved

Loss of facial volume, sagging cheeks, under eye swelling

How often repeat

Fat is a natural filler and, as such, it behaves in the same manner as all adipose tissue in the body. If the patient loses weight rapidly, the fat administered during the treamtent will also deplete.

Duration time

App. 1,5 hours depending on the treatment area


The filling effect is immediate and long lasting, whereas the rejuvenating effect increases gradually over three months. Thanks to lipotransfer, the filling effect remains nearly unchanged for years (app. 80% of initial volume remains at the place of administration).

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The treatment procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Taking advantage of stem cells' capability of continuous self-renewal, not only do we supplement losses, but we also stimulate the skin to reconstruct its own structure. As stem cells are obtained from the patient's own body, they are very effective and absolutely safe, event to people with allergies. Another advantage of the treatment is the fact that the transplant is not rejected by the body, that is post-treatment safety of the procedure.

Drinking plenty of water, application of antibiotic onto injection spots.

Abnormal blood coagulation factors, taking blood-thinning drugs (e.g. aspirin), history of thrombosis, skin infections.

No, because the treatment is performed under local anaesthesia.

Results of the lipotransfer treatment are very natural. The face regains its volume, cheeks are lifted, under eye shadows become invisible. Thanks to transplantation of fat tissue, e.g. into atrophic scars, the effect of material smoothing out is achieved.

The treatment results are long lasting, but in case of significant weight fluctuations, the transplanted tissue will behave in the same manner as the remaining fat tissue in the body.

Advantages of lipotransfer include an absolutely natural effect, achieved thanks to modelling with the patient's fat tissue.

After the treatment, there usually appears swelling which should disappear within a few days; bruising may also be visible

The filling effect is immediate and long lasting, whereas the rejuvenating effect increases gradually over three months.

Results of lipotransfer are durable, but if the patient loses much weight and, in consequence, fat tissue, treatment results will be much less visible. In that case, repeating the treatment may be considered, if the quantity of fat tissue is sufficient for the transplant.

Fat tissue is a live material which, when administered into the skin, will materially improve its appearance, stimulation and nourishment.

Marcin Ambroziak, PhD

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