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Combination of lipotransfer with stem cell extraction guarantees the best results. This is because, in addition to filling with fat, skin is revitalised with stem cells, which are among the most useful materials in medicine.

Concentrate of new fat cells with stem cells is a true elixir of youth which, next to the filling effect, may cause stimulation of cells and renewal of tissues.

Why is it worth it?

Stem cell treatments have enormous advantages. Above all, the treatment may be combined with lipotransfer and stem cell processing takes place within a closed system without contact with air, which prevents contamination of the material. Other advantages include: inhibition of skin degenerative processes, stimulation of skin cells, no possibility of transplant rejection or allergic reactions, unlimited quantity of material for separation of stem cells - the patient's fat tissue.

What do you need to know?


Various areas



Problem solved

Loss of skin elasticity, sagging cheeks, "hamster cheeks", scars, aging skin

How often repeat

Once a year

Duration time

App. 3-4 hours


Thanks to using stem cells, not only do we achieve the effect of filling fat tissue deficits, but also of renewal process stimulation. After lipotransfer + steam cells, the skin is filled, but also revitalised. What is more, the steam cells treatment is applied not only in aesthetic medicine, but also in the treatment of wounds, degenerative diseases and in the treatment of orthopedic diseases.

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The treatment involves simultaneous application of the lipotransfer and steam cells systems. The first stage involves extraction of the patient's fat tissue by way of liposuction. The resulting preparation undergoes separation in the lipotransfer system with application of the patented F.P.U. (fat processing unit) filter technology. The process enables production of a concentrate of new fat cells with stem cells. This is the so-called "elixir of youth". In the next stage of the treatment, fat tissue obtained undergoes enzymatic processing with the use of collagenase and the steam cells system. Half-hour incubation, followed by purification of the preparation in the lipotransfer system, allows obtaining a high quality concentrate of multipotential stem cells. The material is ready for auto-transplantation. Application of this innovative system enables extraction of as many as 5 million stem cells from as little as 1 ml of adipose tissue. Scientific research reports that stem cells obtained in this way demonstrate high durability and a 99% survival rate. The treatment may be combined with the classic lipotransfer treatment. This allows precise face modelling with the use of a natural, autogenous filler – the patient's fat tissue - additionally enriched with a concentrate of pure stem cells. Thanks to the lipotransfer and steam cells systems, implantation of the cells prevents rejection – transplanted fat tissue immediately becomes vascularised. The process of biological skill aging is stopped, which results in a rejuvenated appearance.

Wearing compressive clothing in the area from which the fat tissue was extracted is recommended during the convalescence period.

Abnormal blood coagulation factors, taking blood-thinning drugs (e.g. aspirin), history of thrombosis, skin infections.

No, because the treatment is performed under local anaesthesia.

Stem cells are a true elixir of youth which stimulates natural skin renewal processes.

Marcin Ambroziak, PhD

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