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Mesotherapy is a proven way to correct numerous deficiencies of the patients' appearance. Next to face or scalp treatments which render extraordinary results, this method may also be used in treatments against cellulite.
Although mesotherapy will not deal with advanced cellulite in the expected degree, it will reduce its size and “intensity”. In case of patients with smaller cellulite, effect of complete skin surface smoothing is achievable. However, regardless of extent of the problem, very good effects may be expected – improvement in the structure of the inner fat tissue and improvement of natural metabolism.

Summing up, mesotherapy may be applied in case of cellulite at any stage, irrespective of the area – on thighs, hips and buttocks, as well as in case of patients complaining about flabby skin with poor condition and unacceptable appearance.

Why is it worth it?

There are many advantages of mesotherapy, which is why it may be used not only because of cellulite, but also to improve micro-circulation or stimulate skin regeneration. The treatment is a very good solution for patients who expect general improvement of skin cell metabolism or reduction of flabbiness.

What do you need to know?


Thighs, belly, buttocks

Problem solved

Cellulite, stretch marks

How often repeat

Initially, at the intervals of 10-14 days. Subsequently, at monthly intervals and, finally, every 6 months.

Duration time

Depending on the area, app. 30 minutes.


There are many effects of mesotherapy onto cellulite. These include: improved skin cell metabolism, accelerated metabolism of fat cells, stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, creation of new blood vessels, improved micro-circulation, stimulation of skin regeneration – replacement with new cells, hindered creation of harmful free radicals and proper skin nutrition.
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The schedule of mesotherapy against cellulite is as follows: Stage 1 Intensive therapy: 3 treatments at the intervals of 10-14 days Stage 2 Care: 1 treatment per month for 3 months Stage 3 Maintaining of treatment effects: 1 treatment every 6 months

A few days after the treatment, after discomfort disappears, several drainage treatments are recommended, e.g. lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage. These will support removal of the destroyed fat cells from the body. Regular treatments with the Smartlux (LED) lamp are also recommended. Please remember to protect the areas where the injections were performed (e.g. do not scratch off the scabs) until completely healed. Hygiene is of utmost importance during this period (swimming pool is not advised).

Allergy, hypersensitivity to ingredients of the preparation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, non-stabilised diabetes, skin inflammations, herpes, poor treatment toleration (skin with dilated capillaries, risk of fibroses), neoplastic diseases, use of anticoagulants (aspirin), thyroid gland diseases.

Yes, the treatment ought to be repeated in accordance with the therapy schedule.

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