Treatment of nodular scabies

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If you suffer from nodular scabies (prurigo nodularis), you can talk to our doctor about new treatment options for this condition.

Nodular scabies - how to recognise it?

It is characterised by the appearance of cohesive convex and round nodules of 0.5-3cm in size, most often on the limbs, buttocks and trunk. Lesions usually do not occur on the face. The lesions are accompanied by intense and persistent pruritus and are often scratched off or covered with a scab on top. At the same time, the disease is often resistant to currently available drugs.
Who will benefit?

If you are at least 18 years old, have multiple nodules scattered on the limbs and torso and persistent itching of the skin with particular intensity within the lesions, Ambroziak Clinic offer to you free of charge, innovative treatment.
What do we provide?

Free of charge dermatological consultation to confirm or exclude the diagnosis and assess treatment options.
Free of charge assessment by a specialist as to whether it is possible and reasonable for you to be treated with a new drug for nodular scabies.
In case the diagnosis is confirmed, free of charge dermatological care and innovative treatment.

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