Treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea - radiosurgery

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Snoring is a very bothersome problem for the patient himself or herself, as well as for their partner. When taking various medications, putting devices on the nose or unsuccessful surgeries have no effect, one should opt for the radiosurgery, performed at the Ambroziak Clinic.

Treatment of snoring in Ambroziak Clinic uses the modern method, which combines with a painless procedure with a shortened healing period. Previous methods of snoring treatment were very expensive and caused unacceptable pain during the first days after the procedure.

Why is it worth it?

The therapy is the gentlest method of snoring treatment, involving less cellular trauma, less fibrous scar formation and minimal postoperative discomfort. Modernity, precision, effectiveness and speed of the procedure make the method used at Ambroziak Clinic the best solution for male and female patients struggling with snoring and sleep apnoea.

What do you need to know?


Uvula, soft palate

Problem solved

Problem of snoring and sleep apnoea

How often repeat

One-time surgery, but in extremely difficult cases, the procedure needs to be repeated

Duration time

App. 40 minutes


The result of this innovative therapy is elimination of the snoring problem and the sleep apnoea problem. The therapy only needs to be performed once, so the patient can enjoy a restful sleep for a lifetime.

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Before the surgery, a consultation with a laryngologist is required to qualify the patient for the operation. Afterwards, the patient has to prepare for the surgery, that is: 2 weeks before the procedure, stop taking anticoagulants or anti-inflammatory drugs and 6 hours before the procedure, refraining from eating or drinking. At the beginning of the procedure, the patient is anaesthetised with a special spray. After the spray has been applied to the soft palate and uvula, the area is locally anaesthetised with a minimum amount of anaesthetic and then, using a special electrode, radio waves are applied to the area of the uvula and soft palate to harden it and enlarge the throat, i.e. shorten the uvula, trim the palatal arches and, possibly, reduce weight of the palatine tonsils. The whole procedure takes about 40 minutes and after it is finished, the patient can go home.

Avoiding exercise, avoiding prolonged head bending for 14 days, avoiding spicy, acidic, very hot, very cold foods, drinking 2 liters of fluids a day for about 14 days, returning to anticoagulants is possible 14 days after surgery

Pregnancy, menstruation and period directly before menstruation, active infection

No, the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

One-time surgery, but in extremely difficult cases, the procedure needs to be repeated.

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