Aesthetic Dermatology

Dermatological treatments at our clinic

Aesthetic dermatology is a branch of dermatology that deals with improving the appearance of skin and maintaining the current, desired skin appearance in case of healthy individuals.

Aesthetic dermatology is one of the most developed fields of aesthetic medicine. We always do our best to advise our patients well and meet their expectations, so the first step is always a specialist consultation, i.e. with a dermatologist, to establish the patient’s needs. After the consultation, patients may choose a variety of treatments according to the needs of their skin, treatment indications and the expected effect. To achieve the results, we use the best solutions and state of the art technologies available on the market.

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Treatment loved by our patients
Botulinum toxin
One of the most versatile substances in aesthetic medicine.
Hyaluronic acid - wrinkles
Firm and healthy skin
Lips modelling with hyaluronic acid
Perfectly kissable
Beauty from the nature
Lipotransfer + Steam Cells
Beauty from the nature
Depigmentation Therapy
Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation
Phenol Peel
deep regeneration
Hydrobalance Soft Lift
Water - the source of beauty
Moisturising lips mesotherapy
Perfect softness
Nose modelling with hyaluronic acid
Picosecond laser
Beauty within a picosecond
Nanosecond laser
Many problems - one solution
Thulium laser
Double force against hyperpigmentation
Laser removal of broken capillaries
CO2 Fractional Laser
Micro punctures, macro results
Radiofrequency microneedling
Intelligent RF Delivery
Anti-Aging Mesotherapy
Naturally beautiful
Skin stimulator
Biostimulation of the skin
Calcium hydroxyapatite
Collagen mesotherapy
Scalp mesotherapy
Strong, healthy hair
Mesotherapy - Peptide hair therapy
Saving power of peptides
Non-invasive eyelid lift
Warm... warmer… younger
High-frequency focused ultrasound
Ultrasound lift
Lift threads
Soft lift threads
Soft lift version
Foxy Eyes
magic of your look
Platelet Rich Plasma
Secret of youth from the nature
Polylactic acid
Renewal and stimulation
Anti-Aging LED Therapy
The saving power of light
Phototherapy LED
LED Phototherapy
TCA peeling
Deep regeneration
Scars undercutting
Smooth and soft
Mesotherapy - Injection Lipolysis
A quick method to get rid of fat
Mesotherapy - Cellulite
Say goodbye to orange peel

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