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Peptide Lift - cosmetic revolution in every drop, a gift of firm, smooth, hydrated skin, yet a serious challenge to the signs of passing time on the face. A rich formulation and revolutionary peptides of the latest generation to give an immediate, long lasting lift effect. Various types of cell membrane receptors (locks) can only be penetrated by a special type of molecules (keys).

Those keys are special peptides, which stimulate the desired processes within the cell. Peptide composition of the Selvert Thermal Peptide Lift range stimulates different mechanisms that benefit the skin. The mission of this line is to protect the skin, restore firmness and improve facial contours in a natural, non-invasive way.
Ultra lift treatment programme with peptides

Over time, the skin renewal process gradually slows down. As a result, the skin mainly loses firmness. Although these signs start to appear around the age of thirty, or even earlier, they are not very visible then. However, this is the best time to start caring for your skin to protect it from possible damage and to delay the aging process as much as possible.

To prevent the signs of aging, Selvert Thermal offers a new generation of Peptide Lift products. It is based on an extensive series of innovative peptides and active ingredients. All the ingredients have a significant impact on reconstructing the skin and help reduce expression lines. The peptides used have a micro firming effect. They have the ability to strengthen cell cohesion and the power to lift the skin, which makes them helpful in preventing and protecting the skin from signs of aging.

Why is it worth it?

Excellent results thanks to perfectly selected ingredients: Peptide CA-6: helps normalise very sensitive skins by reducing the inflammatory response to harmful allergens, increases skin hydration; Peptide Lift-6: improves cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis, increases its density and strengthens elasticity, protects against the signs of aging; Peptide NA-8: reduces expression lines, acts on neurotransmitters; Peptide NA-2: soothes expression lines. Relaxes muscle contractions. Reduces the depth of wrinkles; Chicory root extract: gives an immediate lifting effect, stimulates collagen synthesis, while improving skin tone and firmness; Lactobionic acid: stimulates cell renewal, reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, gives the skin a radiant appearance; Active carbon: a natural cleanser that absorbs impurities and removes them from the skin.

What do you need to know?



Problem solved

skin without firmness, fine wrinkles

How often repeat

once in every 2 weeks

Duration time

1 hour 30 minutes


achieving a long lasting lift effect, restoring elasticity of the skin with a strong tightening effect, firming and sculpting of the facial oval, reduction of wrinkles
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