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Only regular use of anti-stretch mark treatments from the first months of pregnancy will effectively protect the skin and prepare it for quick return to shape after childbirth. At Ambroziak Clinic, we offer professional anti-stretch mark prevention, thanks to which mums-to-be will not have to worry about this problem which is difficult to treat.
During pregnancy, women are inevitably accompanied by hormonal changes and rapid growth of body mass. The skin of the breasts, abdomen, thighs and buttocks is the most vulnerable to stretch marks during pregnancy. It is very important to control what and in what quantities you eat during pregnancy and immediately after giving birth! Not only because of the possibility of gaining excess fat, but also the impact of the type of diet on skin quality and, thus, its susceptibility to stretching. A diet rich in vitamin C (necessary for the synthesis of collagen), or collagen itself in the form of, for example, various jellies, can help, especially those women who are prone to stretch marks. To some extent, stretch mark creams can also help in prevention, but their effectiveness should not be overestimated. However, if stretch marks have already appeared, it will be a very difficult problem to solve. There are few effective ways to reduce stretch marks, let alone remove them completely. So remember - the most important thing in maintaining smoothness of body skin is to take care of its elasticity and hydration.

Why is it worth it?

Our clinic offers two kinds of stretch mark prevention treatments to our clients: RVB Holystic Beauty Thay – Amma Deva During pregnancy, the skin needs more nutrition as tissues need to create space for the baby. Each session is connected with building harmony in the mother’s body, strengthening and firming of the tissue, shaping and smoothing. It also involves prenatal massage, enriched with music, colour, fragrance, image and specialist cosmetics. The massage technique directly influences the outflow lymphatic channels, bringing a state of wonderful relaxation, letting mum and her baby meet each other. The massage is specially developed as prenatal preparation, with direct smoothing and tissue healing action. The breast and belly volume increases already at the very beginning of pregnancy, that is why keeping these areas in good tightness is very important for mums-to-be. The treatment programme will ensure deep nourishing and improve skin elasticity to strengthen it before the stress and stretching. RVB Holistic Beauty Thay YAM – breast treatment Delicate massage on argan oil which significantly increases elasticity, strengthened with a stretch mark prevention concentrate. The treatment takes advantage of the benefits of organic sesame oil, shea butter, allantoin and vitamin E.

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Stretch mark prevention

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With specialised stretch mark prevention treatments, the mum-to-be will be able to relax with carefully composed treatments that are not only designed to nourish and firm the skin, but also put the patient in a state of deep relaxation that she may lack during pregnancy.
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During the treatment the beautician takes care of the greatest comfort of the patient. Special techniques of massaging preparations into the skin and specially composed music put the future mother in a state of absolute relaxation, while active substances contained in the cosmetics give the skin elasticity and firmness.

Relaxation and care to maintain a good mood, with which the patient leaves the clinic.

Of course not! The treatment is completely painless and very relaxing.

Yes, a series of treatments ought to be performed for effectiveness of stretch mark prevention.

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