Body Contouring

Slimming treatments and body contouring

At Ambroziak Clinic Warsaw we have created an entire department combining aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery to help our patients achieve a slim and firm body.

Although beauty canons differ, our objective is to give our patients the beauty they dream of. In some cases, despite a proper diet and physical activity, getting rid of excess centimetres from certain body parts turns out to be very difficult. Still, contemporary aesthetic medicine is able to deal with localised fat tissue accumulation. Slimming treatments are offered to those patients who want a slim figure. They allow achievement of the desired results without a convalescence period. Thanks to them, patients may get rid of excess fat tissue in a safe and non-invasive manner, and shape their bodies in a gentle manner. The treatments are perfectly relaxing and, above all, effective. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, they deliver measurable effects. It is, therefore, worth taking advantage of state of the art methods of body contouring, which will give you satisfaction with your appearance.

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Vacuum massage
LED therapy
Saving power of light
High-frequency focused ultrasound
Ultrasound lift
Technology of concentrated ultrasounds in the reduction of body fat and cellulite
Power of ultrasounds
Shockwave therapy
Power of shockwave
Muscle electrostimulation
Radio waves - body

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