Treatment of chronic urticaria (nettle rash)

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Chronic urticaria

Every fourth person experiences the eruption of urticarial blisters accompanied by itching or burning of the skin - urticaria - at least once in their lifetime. If the symptoms persist for more than six weeks, that denotes chronic urticaria (nettle rash).

If you suffer from chronic urticaria which cannot be treated with standard antihistamines, you are invited to contact our doctors who are conducting a clinical trial of a new drug in this disease.


You may be eligible to participate in the trial if:

you are at least 18 years old,
you have had chronic urticaria for at least 6 months,
antihistamines do not control your symptoms,
you meet additional criteria, which will be discussed during your appointment with our doctor.
Information for parents: young patients from the age of 12 years can take part in the trial.

What do we provide?

For those who qualify for the trial, we offer free of charge

a new investigational drug for the treatment of chronic urticaria
diagnostic tests according to the clinical trial protocol
care by our medical team

Participation in the trial is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time.

On 18 and 25 November and 2 and 9 December we are organising open doors days and free of charge consultations for patients with chronic urticaria at our facility at 9a Kosiarzy Street.

You are welcome to make an appointment by email:
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