Radiotherapy in keloids treatment

Superficial radiotherapy
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Statistics show that nearly 18 million people have keloids. For most of them the possibility of removing these marks seem impossible, in numbers, almost 7 million people, do not realize that keloids can be succesfully treated and live with those unaesthetic marks. That is why keloids are not only marks on skin, but also on self-confidence.

Keloids are chronic, benign cancer lesions, which occur in the area of wounded skin. Kelois offen apear after surgical treatments (like cardiological, orthopedic, plastic surgeries), but also in places of acne or chickenpox scars, after skin burns, after piercing the ears or after other injuries. Although many people think that it just has to be accepted, Superficial Radiation Therapy is a very succesfull treatment, which effectiveness is 94%. 

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