Laser vaginal revitalization

non-invasive aesthetic gynaecology
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Laser vaginal revitalization is an innovative laser created for the intimate beauty and comfort of the woman. The treatment is used to regenerate and rejuvenate intimate areas.

Laser vaginal revitalizationnot only increases elasticity of the vagina, moistens and stretches its walls, but also prevents stress urinary incontinence. This problem results from, among other things, weak pelvic floor muscles, stretching of the vagina which leads to a change in the angle of the urethra. Thanks to laser therapy, as a result of which the front wall of the vagina is strengthened, problems disappear.

Why is it worth it?

The therapy significantly increases comfort of the patient's life and is distinguished above all by safety, non-invasiveness and no convalescence period. Laser vaginal revitalization treatment is an ideal solution for women who are looking for a less invasive procedure compared to surgical or pharmaceutical treatments. A woman's satisfaction with her intimate aesthetics creates balance and confidence in all areas of life.

What do you need to know?


Feminine intimate areas


First treatment - PLN 1700, second treatment - PLN 1300, third treatment- PLN 1050

How often repeat

In most cases, one procedure should be performed. In the case of stress urinary incontinence, the procedure can be repeated.


The treatment is aimed at restoring the vagina's natural pH, increasing elasticity of its walls, as well as improving their tension and hydration. The laser beam acts on the walls, causing their photothermal non-ablative tension and shrinking of the vagina. Production of collagen in the mucous membrane is stimulated (increased elasticity, tension and shrinking of the walls). Moreover, stimulation of glycogen production responsible for vaginal lubrication is observed. Patients who have so far complained of itching, dryness and infections experience significant improvement. This improves the quality of everyday life and sexual life.

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Before the treatment, the patient must have the result of cytology test performed not earlier than 6 months before the treatment. A current gynaecological examination is also required. Before the procedure, you will be thoroughly informed about all aspects of the procedure, including its capabilities, contraindications, possible side effects, as well as asked to fill in a questionnaire in the presence of the doctor and give your informed consent for the procedure. The procedure itself requires no preparation. It takes about 5-10 minutes. The procedure is painless. Patients only feel slight warmth. In the case of external genitals, an anaesthetic cream is applied 15 minutes before the treatment, but this is not mandatory.

After the Laser vaginal revitalization treatment, the patient can return to her daily activities, subject to the following recommendations: Abstinence for up to 7 days, avoid hot baths, avoid heavy lifting, limit physical exercise

Menstruation, pregnancy, infections of the intimate areas, neoplastic diseases

No, the Laser vaginal revitalization treatment is painless.

The patient's individual needs determine the number of treatments to be performed. Usually it is one treatment. In the case of stress urinary incontinence, the procedure can be repeated.

This kind of treatment is the most comfortable way for patients to treat many diseases and problems that may occur in their intimate areas. Its non-invasiveness, lack of convalescence, painless method of performing the procedure and, above all, effectiveness make every patient satisfied with the results.

Izabella Jeleńska-Draim, MD

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