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Statistically, as many as 90% men are not satisfied with their penis size. Thanks to state of the art techniques and professionalism of Ambroziak Clinic's best specialists, we are able to increase the patient's penis circumference in a safe and precise manner.

Penis elongation is not performed frequently, as it involves cutting the penis suspensory ligament, which is responsible for stability of the organ during erection and, consequently, during intercourse. In contrast to penis elongation, penis thickening is the most frequent aesthetic procedure.

Why is it worth it?

The penis circumference enlargement treatment is an ideal solution for any man suffering from unsatisfactory penis size. Ambroziak Clinic offers two penis thickening methods, which may be selected according to the patient's needs. The first, less invasive method uses hyaluronic acid which increases penis circumference and makes the patient's sex life more satisfactory. The other, more permanent method uses the patient's own fat and is designed for patients who are more interested in the aesthetic than functional aspects. The possibility to adapt the type of treatment to one's needs is an absolute guaratnee of the patient's satisfaction and of enormous self-confidence growth.

What do you need to know?




FROM PLN 3 300

Problem solved

Small penis circumference

How often repeat

Every 1-2 years

Duration time

30 minutes - 1 hour


Final penis thickening results are noticeable as soon as after two weeks, and they include visually greater penis thickness, higher sex life satisfaction, lasting result (depending on the penis thickening method selected).

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Penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid is a very safe procedure, which takes 20-30 minutes and is painless, performed at a surgery in local anaesthesia. The acid has suitable properties, maximally similar to those of adjacent tissues and is registered for use in genital plastic surgery in European Union member states. Filling the subcutaneous tissue with the patient's own fat is a more invasive penis enlargement method. This procedure is performed in the case of patients who are more interested in the aesthetic than functional aspects. The treatment is more invasive as we must first perform liposuction (extraction of own fat) usually from the area of the belly and the sides, sometimes from the pubic area, which results in additional fat tissue reduction. The fat is suitably dissected, prepared and administered around the penis penis, enlarging it much more than in the case of hyaluronic acid injection.

After the treatment, there may be bruising, redness or swelling at the injection spots. This is a natural reaction, which will disappear within several days of the treatment. For 2 days after the treatment, the penis should be as far as possible kept in a position pointing upwards; sexual intercourse ought to be avoided for 2 weeks after the treatment to let the body regenerate. During the convalescence period, the patient should avoid physical exercise, sauna and hot baths. Special penis massages are recommended for 2-4 weeks to allow even distribution of the acid. In the case of penis enlargement with the patient's own fat, cold compresses ought to be applied, as bruising may also develop. After the treatment, the patient should refrain from sexual activity for 5 weeks.

There are the following contraindications regarding penis circumference enlargement: inflammatory diseases of the genitals or groins, blood coagulation disorders, phimosis, hyaluronic acid allergy, potency problems.

No, the whole penis enlargement treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain.

After the treatment, there may be bruising, redness or swelling at the injection spots. This is a natural reaction, which will disappear within several days of the treatment. In case of using the patient's own fat, it may be rejected by the body and, consequently, the treatment may be ineffective.

The final result is visible after app. 2 weeks

yes, after 1-2 years

Each man who wants to have a thicker penis and improve their sex life should undergo this treatment. This is a simple and quick procedure, whose results will make the patient - but not only him - happy for a long time.

Albert Gugała, MD

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