Radiotherapy in skin cancer treatments

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Every year 2.8 milion skin cancers are diagnosed in the world.
For the last few decades melanoma occurance is growing and increasing together with aging population. According to Centers for Disease Control, non-melanoma skin cancer is the most popular cancer in the United States.

Skin cancer treatment is usually based on surgical Mohs technique. During Mohs surgery, thin layers of cancer-containing skin are progressively removed and examined until only cancer-free tissue remains. Although it is an effective method for lots of patients, it requires lots of highly qualified staff and laboratories, and the scars are often far from aesthetic look and require another plastic surgery. What is more, the treatment is very invasive and the risk of leaving ugly scars is very high. Thinking of all that, it is obvious that more innovative and much safer method is needed.

Superficial Radiotherapy - SRT is a low-energy radiotherapy, where radiation is delivered completely to the surface of the skin, without affecting the underlying healthy tissue and cells. It is an effective, painless and aesthetic alternative for surgical treatments in therapies for particular cancers and patients. 

Why is it worth it?

SRT method is non-invasive, non-surgical and it does not require any post treatment recovery.

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