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Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life. It is worth taking care of yourself at this special time and enjoy true relaxation. Effective and safe care with preparations based on natural ingredients can restore skin firmness and elasticity, and prevent stretch marks.

Relaxing preparations and a unique body massage allow to achieve harmony of body and spirit, which is extremely important while waiting for the baby and after its birth. In addition to preventing the most common ailments during pregnancy, the Mum & Baby treatment prepares the body for the stresses and strains of childbirth and has a beneficial effect on rapid recovery after childbirth.

Why is it worth it?

The Mum & Baby line for pregnant women is a cosmetic program designed to regenerate the skin, increase its elasticity and prevent stretch marks. The complete program includes treatments to be performed at the clinic and home care. The preparations are based only on such natural active ingredients that are suitable and safe for future mums and effective in combination with beneficial properties of a unique massage. The Mum & Baby programme accompanies mums-to-be throughout pregnancy and after the birth of their baby in the form of specially developed professional products: BIOENERGY SMOOTHING SCRUB - SMOOTHING THALASSO SCRUB Rich in mineral salts. Leaves the skin soft and smooth and combats imperfections caused by cellulite and water retention. Contains: sea salts, jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E. BIOENERGY AMPOULES AGAINST STRETCH MARKS - ELASTICITY AND REPAIR WITH HYDROXYPROLINE Intensive shock treatment specifically designed to reduce and prevent stretch marks. Also recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Contains: OLI'VÎNE(TM) ACTIVE SYSTEM, mistletoe, chlorella, hydroxyproline, hyaluronic acid. BIOENERGY VELVET ELASTICITY MASK Rich in hydroxyproline and chlorella extract from seaweed with a strong firming and anti-stretch mark effect. Makes the skin firm and elastic. Amazonian pink clay, which has detoxifying and carrier properties ensures easier penetration of active ingredients, makes the skin softer and smoother. Does not contain artificial colourings. BIOENERGY FIRMING MASSAGE OIL Combats loose skin while improving tissue elasticity. For soft, hydrated skin and light, well rested legs. Contains: arnica montana extract, blanket flower, calendula, lychee, Abyssinian oil.

What do you need to know?


Whole body


500 PLN

Problem solved

Takin care of tired, non-elastic, non-firm skin during pregnancy.

How often repeat

A series of 3-6 treatments is recommended, at a frequency to be determined on an individual basis.

Duration time

App. 60 minutes


The special Body Care Program for Mums-to-be improves overall condition of the skin, moisturises it, relaxes the muscles of stressed body parts, reduces tension, and reduces swelling of the legs. The unique combination of sea salt, chlorella seaweed extract, white mistletoe and Amazonian pink clay mask makes the skin exceptionally soft and smooth.

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Treatments at the clinic are based on very thorough application of professional products by a beautician. The treatment is very relaxing as it is combined with massaging the products into the skin of the future mother. After the treatment you can immediately feel the difference in elasticity, firmness and appearance of the skin.

No, absolutely not! The Diego Dalla Palma treatment is very pleasant.

Yes, for best effects, the treatment ought to be repeated 3-6 times.

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