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Unwanted tattoos, low skin vitality, hyperpigmented spots and scars - all these problems can be very bothersome and everyone who suffers from them wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. Picosecond laser is designed to deal with them all in a simple way.

Unique character of treatments performed with the picosecond laser is based on ultra-short (nanosecond) impulses of laser light emitted into the skin. Thanks to this, the laser impacts only the pigment without damaging adjacent skin during the treatment of tattoos, hyperpigmented spots or pigment lesions. This is the reason why the laser does not leave post-treatment scars and the convalescence time is extremely short.

Why is it worth it?

With the widest range of treatment parameters, picosecond laser is the highest quality, safe picosecond platform for all skin types. The laser also features a fractional tip, which increases the depth of action and thus improves treatment results. The secret of icosecond laser lies in the laser wavelength. By using 4 wavelengths, one can effectively and selectively get rid of hyperpigmentation, brown spots (pigmented lesions), freckles and tattoos of various colours. An interesting therapeutic option is the treatment of recurrent hyperpigmentation - an extremely common aesthetic problem. After applying multiple laser exposures, permanent improvement in 80% of patients can be achieved!

What do you need to know?


Face and body


From PLN 850

Problem solved

Removal of tattoos, removal of hyperpigmented spots, refreshing and revitalisation of skin, removal of scars, skin reconstruction

How often repeat

Depending on the application, in accordance with the therapy schedule.

Duration time

Depending on the area being treated


Recurring discolourations require patience from the patient and the doctor. First visible effects of the therapy are observed only after 3-4 treatments. Once satisfactory results are achieved, it is necessary to use sunscreen and preparations with hydroquinone. Permanent removal of hyperpigmentation spots is achieved in 80% of such patients. Pigmented lesions and freckles become darker within a few hours after the treatment. The patient should be prepared to the possibility that they may take on the colour of dark chocolate. From the next day on, the process of mild exfoliation begins, which lasts about 2 weeks. Immediately after the laser treatment, one can apply make-up and mask the discoloured areas. Laser tattoo removal is very effective for most types of tattoo. Tattoos can be completely removed during laser treatment, but this requires numerous sessions. After each treatment, brightening of the tattoo by about 50% is observed, unless the tattoo is in a scar. During tattoo removal, different devices are used depending on the colour to be removed, but the most important aspect is experience of the person performing the procedure.

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After a series of treatments, the result is maintained for app. 6 months

Application of UV creams, SPF >30+, for at least 4 weeks after the treatment, application of soothing creams immediately after the treatment and for a few more days, in patients prone to herpes - oral administration of acyclovir.

Contraindications for picosecond laser treatments include: any skin infections in the place of laser operation; suntan and sunbathing during 2 weeks before the treatment; taking photosensitising medications; hypersensitivity to light

Tattoos - about 5-6 treatments. Removal is durable and the effect is maintained permanently. Hyperpigmentation spots – app. 3-6 treatments. In the case of this indication, maintaining the results requires permanent, effective sun protection. Bening hyperpigmentation lesions - in most cases, one treatment is sufficient to remove the lesion. Scars, skin reconstruction and revitalisation - first treatment results are noticeable within a few weeks of the treatment. Reconstruction is durable. As a rule, a series of several treatments is recommended.

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