Urology and Andrology

Ambroziak Clinic Warsaw also has an extensive offering of treatments for gentlemen. The “Urology and Andrology” category is devoted to them in whole.
Urology is a medical discipline specialising in the diseases of male genitals and urinary system. Andrology covers a similar field of study: it also focuses on the male reproductive system, its physiology, however not only in terms of physical health, but also of psychological aspects. Both disciplines focus on improving men’s satisfaction with sex life, increasing patients’ fertility, eliminating disorders and inflammations of the genital system. In combination with genital plastic surgery, urology and andrology aim to ensure psychological comfort and increase satisfaction with the appearance of genitals. Last but not least, they strive to enhance the self-confidence of male patients undergoing the treatments.

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Removal of pearly penile papules with CO2 laser
Botulinum toxin injection into the bladder
Surgery of phimosis with simultaneous penile frenulum plasty
Penile frenulum plasty
Hydrorchis surgery
Testicular implant placement

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