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Stretch marks are among the most common, unwanted remains after pregnancy. Even if you remembered to take care of your skin during pregnancy and rubbed in special creams, stretch marks can still appear. After all, skin is not an armour of unlimited elasticity and is subject to exceptional challenges during pregnancy. In order to eliminate this problem, special stretch mark therapy designed for post pregnancy women can be performed at Ambroziak Clinic.

Stretch marks appear as a result of excessive skin stretching and, consequently, cracking of collagen fibres, which are responsible for the compact structure of tissues. They occur in 50-90% of pregnant women, most commonly on the abdomen, breasts, thighs and buttocks. They begin to appear between the 24th and 27th weeks of pregnancy. They are linear skin changes, several centimeters long and 1-10 millimeters wide. They are red to purple in color and may be accompanied by such symptoms as itching and burning. After a few months, stretch marks turn flesh-colored, accompanied by atrophy of the skin within their borders. It is not only stretching of the skin that causes these changes, an increase in hormone quantity also has great impact on the appearance of stretch marks. It has also been observed that factors such as the woman's young age, high child weight, long gestation period and malnutrition also affect the appearance and severity of these skin changes. Stretch marks are not a disease, but a cosmetic defect only. However, for many women they are a cause of complexes, as well as may affect their self-esteem. Fortunately, however, these changes are not irreversible. Modern aesthetic medicine already has effective methods of fighting stretch marks.

Why is it worth it?

Stretch mark treatments are plentiful at our clinic because we want every problem of our clients to be addressed in a professional and thorough manner. These include: Microdermabrasion Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, stimulates natural growth of new tissue (the skin undergoes constant renewal, while this treatment speeds it up a lot). Deeper microdermabrasion shallows scars and stretch marks. Histological changes observed under the microscope concern not only the epidermis (thickening), but also the dermis (blood microcirculation and lymph flow are improved, removal of toxins from deeper skin layers is accelerated). Mesotherapy using Dermapen Treatment with DERMAPEN® is definitely more comfortable and precision of the device is incomparable to traditional methods used in mesotherapy treatments, which allows doctors and patients around the world enjoy the effects of therapy without any unwanted side effects. Retinoid creams Retinoids, derivatives of vitamin A, are contained in creams and medications that work by increasing collagen production and improving skin elasticity. They are used on newly formed stretch marks that are still red. These substances stimulate collagen production, which inhibits the formation of new lesions and reduces severity of existing stretch marks. However, these preparations should not be used during pregnancy, as they are harmful to the foetus. During the consultation, the dermatologist will suggest the most suitable cosmetics. Regeneris (platelet rich plasma) Stretch marks are very difficult to eradicate when they are already porcelain white, but when they are relatively fresh and pink or red, it is worth undertaking their treatment with platelet rich plasma. Its task is to stimulate the skin towards increased regeneration and restoration of its structure. Active thrombocytes contained in the plasma secrete a growth factor which is important for skin cell regeneration and, among other things, stimulates proliferation and maturation of epidermal cells, stimulates synthesis of intercellular matrix, activates microcirculation, stimulates DN synthesis and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen. All this leads to reduction of stretch marks. The procedure is quite quick and simple, and results in a new and structurally better tissue. However, the best results are achieved when this method is combined with laser therapy. Fractional lasers One of the most effective tools of today's aesthetic medicine is undoubtedly the whole family of fractional lasers. These devices cause numerous micro damages in the treated skin, in this case within stretch marks. This creates a controlled inflammation and, consequently, migration of collagen rich cells! The method is surprisingly effective (compared to other, numerous methods available on the market), while being extremely safe. Lipotransfer by Adivive method This method involves collection of fat and stem cells from the abdomen, lower part of trunk, hip or thigh and, after special processing, transplanting them to the target place - stretch marks. The special Adivive system based on sterile and closed collection of fat and centrifugation in a syringe with a special filter results in obtaining high quality fat tissue. The resulting preparation, in addition to fat cells, also contains numerous stem cells responsible for tissue remodelling. This method causes rapid filling of atrophic stretch marks and their reconstruction. In this way, we achieve smoothing of the skin surface and giving the stretch marks the color of the surrounding skin, which makes them invisible.

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The effect of all stretch mark therapy treatments is primarily elimination of the stretch mark problem. In addition, they firm the skin and restore its elasticity. Therapy at Ambroziak Clinic means return of the patient's skin to its pre-pregnancy condition and deep regeneration of its tissues.

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