Professional cosmetology treatments

Medical cosmetic science or – in other words – cosmetology is a branch of dermatology dealing above all with the treatment and care of skin affected by diseases or broadly defined defects, as well as with ensuring its good condition and appearance.

With the special needs of skin in mind, we have developed a separate section of cosmetology, which operates at Ambroziak Clinic Warsaw. The section includes facial and body treatments, supplementing the procedures of dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The aim of cosmetological treatments and professional cosmetic preparations offered at that department is primarily to enhance attractiveness of the body with the use of non-invasive methods, which do not require a convalescence period.

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Cosmo Face - japanese face lifting
Lifting by the touch
Radiofrequency microneedling
Intelligent RF Delivery
Microneedling scar treatment
Vacuum hydropeeling
Microneedling DNA + C
Diego Dalla Palma-WhiteLight
Diego Dalla Palma-FilLift
Cellular revitalisation and lift
Forlle'd - Professional Platinum Treatment
Beauty from platinum
Forlle'd Luxury moisturising treatment
Only for you
Oxygen infusion
Brightening of discolourations
Radio wave technology face
remedy for expression lines
Chemical Peels
accelerated cellular renewal
RF radiofrequency
Beneficial waves
Ph Formuła Phanstastic C
Power of vitamin C
PH Formula pHenomen ACNE C+
Power of vitamin C
PH Formula Phenomen Age C+
Power of vitamin C
Ph Formula pHenomen CR COMPLEX C+
Power of vitamin C
Ph Formuła Phenomen Mela C+
Power of vitamin C
PhFormuła Phull Mela
Saint Malo - Body rituals
Selvert Thermal Peptide Lift
Selvert Thermal Regeneration Absolue
perfect regeneration
Laser hair removal
Silky smooth skin
Laser lifting
Skin harmony
Pulsed light
Skin harmony
Fractional laser
Skin harmony
Carbon Peel
Purifying power of carbon
Laser redness removal

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