Oxygen infusion

Brightening of discolourations
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The oxygen infusion with special serum is a procedure that lightens discolourations and pigmentation spots. Curly sorrel extract and alpha arbutin have a strong effect on reducing excessive pigment secretion in the skin. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is significantly brightened, discolourations are reduced and the face gains a brighter colour. The treatment also contains hyaluronic acid against hyperpigmentation spots, which maintains proper hydration and density of the skin.

Why is it worth it?

Line with a very rich formulation. A perfect symbiosis between science, technology and luxurious skin care. Satsuma mandarin peel extract restores the skin's natural balance and evens out pigmentation. Alpha arbutin and curly sorrel root extract help give skin radiance and vitality.

What do you need to know?


face, neck, decolletage, hands


PLN 650

Problem solved

discolourations, uneven skin tone

How often repeat

every 10 days

Duration time

1 hour 40 minutes


brighter and more radiant, healthy and vital appearance reduction of uneven pigmentation (discolourations) evening of skin tone hydration, calming, restoring balance fine lines and wrinkles are visibly softened smoothness and softness to the touch for all skin types, at any age, especially those with uneven pigmentation (hyperpigmentation, stains) signs of aging: wrinkles, lines, looseness, lack of tension and firmness, dehydration

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The treatment is based on the administration of pure hyperbaric oxygen with a specially developed applicator, which causes infusion of a cosmetic serum sprayed beforehand. Professional Intraceuticals serums contain a small weight hyaluronic acid molecule. This essential feature results in better penetration of the acid into the skin.

herpes; open wounds in the treatment area, pregnancy

A brighter and more radiant, healthy and vital look, even skin tone and hydration. For skins struggling with uneven pigmentation and discolourations.

After a series of treatments, the results are maintained for approximately one month

Immediately after the treatment

For best results, a series of treatments should be performed

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