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Why is it worth it? What do you need to know? Effects
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Laser liposuction is a state of the art laser system used for constriction and firming of skin in many body parts, laser liposuction, permanent treatment of excessive sweating.

A great advantage of the laser liposuction is the fact that it is a state of the art device. The 3 different laser wavelengths cause strong skin contraction, fat dissolution and removal of fibrous tissue (cellulite) and damage to sweat glands. Anyone who would like to have a neck lift alternative to a surgical lift, removal of fat from the chin area and lower face together with skin tightening, removal of fat from the abdominal area and sides of the trunk together with skin tightening or get rid of hyperhidrosis in the armpits should choose treatment with the Laser liposuction.

Why is it worth it?

A significant advantage of this multifunctional device is minimum convalescence – patients return home immediately after the treatment and can return to work on the following day. In case of obesity, the Laser liposuction procedure may be combined with classical liposuction. This dramatically increases effects of fat tissue reduction, while maintaining patient safety and comfort.

What do you need to know?


Belly, thighs, buttocks, sides of the trunk, armpits


From PLN 6300

Problem solved

Excess of fat tissue, cellulite, loss of skin tightness, hyperhidrosis

How often repeat

One-time surgery, but may need to be repeated in the case of excessive sweating.

Duration time

App. 0.5-1.5 hours


Immediately after the procedure, the skin contraction effect is insignificant (up to 20% of the target improvement), but week by week the skin becomes more and more tightened to reach complete thermal reconstruction after 3 months. The effect lasts for a few years. Laser liposuction: After the procedure, the treated skin is usually somewhat swollen, which may last even as long as 6-12 weeks. As swelling disappears, the fat reduction and skin firming effect becomes more and more visible. Provided that a healthy lifestyle is pursued, the effect is durable. For patients who want to achieve an immediate slimming effect, we suggest a combination of laser and classical liposuction. Excessive sweating: The effect of a single treatment is durable in 70% of patients and it appears immediately after the procedure. In 10% of patients, the treatment should be repeated.

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Before the treatment, please consult the doctor and make the recommended basic blood tests. The procedure is performed in the surgery room. Under local anaesthesia, through a minimum puncture, a very thin fibre optic cord is inserted into the fat tissue, by which the doctor exposes the fat tissue, connective tissue partitions in the fat tissue, and the skin. The procedure, which is painless, takes approximately 0.5-1.5 hour. Immediately afterwards, the patient rests for about one hour in a special relaxation room equipped with a bathroom, TV and the internet, after which he or she can go home. At the patient’s request or in case of liposuction of considerable quantities of fat, we recommend that the patient stays at the Clinic overnight, under specialist care

After the treatment, wearing special high quality post-treatment clothes, supplied by the Clinic, is recommended for 2 weeks. After treatments in the face and neck area, a special firming dressing is used, but only at night. Post-treatment restrictions concern sports activities for 2 weeks in case of laser liposuction. Apply sun protection for app. 2-4 weeks after the treatment.

Laser liposuction treatments should not be performed on patients who: Take antiplatelet drugs, anticoagulants, thrombolytics, certain anti-inflammatory drugs or medicines that may sensitise to light; suffer from infections, have open wounds or diseases present in the treatment area; have recently undergone surgery in the abdominal region or suffer from disorders related to the lower abdomen (e.g. hernia, colonic ulcers, etc.); have recently undergone surgery in the treatment area (up to 12 months); experience poor healing; have circulatory problems; pregnant women.

No, the treatment is performed under anaesthesia.

No, Laser liposuction treatments do not need to be repeated. Only in the case of excessive sweating, the treatment mey need to be repeated.

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