Palatine tonsil cryptolysis (treatment of chronic tonsillitis)

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Open tonsil crypts may cause development of co called tonsil calculi (retention plugs) which cause an inflammatory reaction: augmentation and painfulness of the tonsils, sensation of a foreign body. Tonsil cryptolysis, performed by Ambroziak Clinic's specialists, is an effective method eliminating the problem of recurring tonsil calculi.
Changes connected with open tonsil crypts may also cause unpleasant smell from the mouth. First appearance of the symptoms usually announces their chronic recurrence. Even after removal by coughing out, pressing our or irrigation, tonsil changes are reconstructed within 1-20 days. Tonsil cryptolysis is an effective treatment method, thanks to which the problem of tonsil calculi will not reappear.

Why is it worth it?

The procedure involves reduction of the crypt depth and closing them using high frequency and low temperature radio waves. As compared with waves emitted by a laser, the treatment is more delicate and less painful, performed under local anaesthesia in outpatient clinic conditions. After the treatment, the patient can quickly resume everyday activity.

What do you need to know?


Palatine tonsils

Problem solved

Pain in the tonsils, chronic inflammation of the tonsils, bad breath, discomfort in the throat

How often repeat

The treatment ought to be performed 1-3 times

Duration time

App. 30 minutes


The result of performing palatine tonsil cryptolysis at Ambroziak Clinic is getting rid of recurring tonsil calculi and chronic tonsillitis as well as lifelong absence of throat discomfort and bad breath.
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Immediately 3 hours before the procedure you should not eat or drink. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting. After administering anesthetic to the patient, the doctor, using a special device, damages the tissue of the tonsil palate, which leads to exfoliation, remodeling and formation of scars, which cause closing of small tonsil crypts and shallowing of large crypts. The procedure is painless and takes about 30 minutes.

Avoid hot and very warm foods for 7 days after the procedure. Do not consume alcohol, strongly spiced foods or hard foods that could irritate the tonsils for 7 days after treatment.

Recurrent tonsillitis, more than 3 times a year, history of complications of tonsillitis, blood coagulation disorders, epilepsy, neoplastic disease, pacemaker, herpes, HIV infection, hepatitis, active autoimmune diseases, pregnancy, breastfeeding

No, the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.

Yes, to be effective, the procedure needs to be performed 1-3 times.

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