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The Saint Malo brand from the Breton Peninsula is a health brand. Suffice it to say that seawater (cosmetics base) carried by the Gulf Stream has the same composition as human plasma, while seaweed - the same as blood plasma. There is also a family like resemblance between seawater and amniotic fluids, the environment in which the baby develops in the womb. This explains why seawater has a positive effect on compatibility of cosmetic preparations with the skin.
In addition, for app. 70% of the population who suffer from hypersensitive skin caused by environmental pollution and a stressful lifestyle, the use of deep seawater as a base in Saint Malo cosmetics is a way to tolerate it perfectly and to live a normal life without daily discomfort.

The human body's proper functioning depends on proper supply and cooperation of all its building blocks: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water. However, minerals are essential for proper functioning of this complex system. Mineral compounds take part in the formation and action of many enzymes, are essential in many biochemical processes or proper transmission of nerve impulses. The journey begins with an intensive lava peel, followed by a nourishing body wrap, and ends with a smoothing massage. The treatment with Saint Malo cosmetics has a strong antiaging effect and soothes any irritations. Ideal as a nourishing post-summer treatment.

Why is it worth it?

One of the most important contemporary trends - apart from development of aesthetic medicine, which only time will really verify and which also requires the support of Saint Malo cosmetics to mitigate its invasiveness - is caring for a healthy lifestyle. For an increasing number of people, improving their fitness and well-being in order to defend themselves against disastrous consequences of the stressful pace of life and civilisational development is becoming a priority in life. They choose healthy food, healthy cosmetics and healthy exercise. All this is worth complementing with healthy body care from Saint Malo.

What do you need to know?



Duration time

App. 1.5 hours


The results of Saint Malo treatments are visible immediately and very satisfying. Not only is this due to the use of healthy, natural ingredients but also to cosmetic innovations - such as a brand new active ingredient - oyster extract.
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