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Lips are undoubtedly one of the most significant symbols of femininity. For many years now, firm, full lips are considered more attractive. That is why so many women decide on lip modelling or augmentation procedures. The effects of such procedures are very satisfactory for a vast majority of patients. In case of significant disproportion of the upper and lower lips, surgical correction may be applied, which provides long lasting effects.

The Bullhorn Lip Lift treatment is dedicated to people with a long distance between the nasal root and the red zone of the lip, distorting the facial proportions (more than 2 centimeters), to patients experiencing the effect of "narrow lips", covering the teeth by the lip when smiling and in the case of aging lips (thinning and drooping over time).

Why is it worth it?

Treatment results are visible immediately and last for a very long time, while the convalescence is very fast and does not hinder daily functioning.

What do you need to know?


upper lip

Problem solved

- long distance between the nose and the red lip zone, distorting the facial proportions- "narrow lips"- covering the teeth by the lip when smiling- aging lips (thinning and drooping over time)

How often repeat

As a principle, this is a one-time surgery and does not need to be repeated. With the passage of years, the skin loses firmness and, therefore, the effect may be less prominent after many years.

Duration time

App. 40 minutes


Treatment results are visible immediately, but full effects are visible after healing of the cut under the nose.

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The procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia. It involves the removal of a piece of skin from under the nose. The incision is in the shape of buffalo horns (hence the name - "bull horn lip lift") and runs just under the nose and inside the nostrils, so the scar is perfectly hidden. The lips are lifted and curved. Redness of the lips is enhanced, which improves the facial proportions and gives a younger appearance.

After the surgery, the patient should [brak c.d.]

The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia, to the patient only feels injections during anaesthetic administration.

Effect of a lifted, fuller upper lip

The result is durable.

Yes, the plastic surgeon makes sure the effect is natural and matches the patient's face

Slight swelling and bruising may appear after the procedure; no other complications should occur

Immediately after the treatment, while the final result - after healing of the cut

The result is durable, but natural processes involving loss of skin elasticity may make the effects less visible after a few years.

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