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Pregnancy is a beautiful yet difficult time in a woman's life. The body undergoes great changes including weight gain, water retention and hormonal fluctuations. All this contributes to formation of so called "orange peel" or cellulite. At Ambroziak Clinic, we offer effective methods for treating this problem.
The basic mass of a woman's adipose tissue consists of fat cells, or adipocytes, which are dispersed within a skeleton formed by collagen fibers, which form partitions. Such divided adipose tissue takes the form of "lumps" which, increasing their volume during pregnancy, penetrate deeper into the skin, making its surface irregular. Such a memento after pregnancy is the nightmare of most new mothers, even those who managed not to increase their body weight significantly.

Why is it worth it?

Storz Medical Shockwave is also known as Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT). The treatment is characterised by a very high and rapidly increasing pressure, which propagates in the tissue at the speed of approx. 1500 m/s. Thanks to the use of acoustic sound waves, this treatment is one of the most effective forms of fighting cellulite as well as localised resistant and compacted fatty tissue which is difficult to remove with other treatments. Additionally, the wave drains accumulated fluids, nourishing the tissues and stimulating the vascular system to proper function. During the treatment, the therapist uses several handpieces and heads appropriately selected for the given problem, while the patient feels the "impact" of the wave, the strength of which will also be appropriately selected for their sensations. Venus Legacy One of the best ways to fight stubborn fat and cellulite is the Venus Legacy™ treatment. It combines the technology of multipolar radio waves and pulsating magnetic fields to create a soothing and therapeutic warmth matrix on the body. Thanks to which its impact reaches deeper under the skin and causes increased blood circulation, instant softening and brilliance of the skin. Results are visible as soon as after one treatment – without pain, discomfort and convalescence period! Cryolipolysis – Clatuu For patients whose problem is local obesity, i.e. excess body fat in resistant areas, such as the abdomen, waist, body sides, thighs, we recommend the Clatuu cryolipolysis treatment for body shaping without the use of a scalpel. This is a completely non-invasive procedure during which cryolipolysis occurs, i.e. fat tissue is damaged by low temperature. The effects of significant fat reduction are visible after about 2-4 months and with a proper diet - they are permanent. When deciding on cryolipolysis, one must remember that it is not a method of weight loss, does not replace diet and exercise, but helps to model the body and restore its appearance before pregnancy. The procedure is contraindicated for breastfeeding women. Mesotherapy and injection lipolysis It is based on injections of substances improving microcirculation in adipose tissue and increasing its metabolism. During the procedure, the skin is pricked at distances of 1-1.5 cm, introducing such substances as caffeine, aminophylline, theophylline and also herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins. The very process of puncturing the skin at small distances stimulates collagen production and, thus, improves skin elasticity. Please note that the desired results in the form of cellulite reduction are visible only after a series of at least 3 treatments. Injection lipolysis is a method of reducing local excess fatty tissue in resistant areas such as, among others, inner and outer surface of the thighs, or the area under the buttocks, which are the places where fatty tissue during pregnancy is most readily accumulated. The treatment is also excellent for cellulite. Injection lipolysis involves injecting phosphatidylcholine into the area of excess adipose tissue, which causes damage to fat cells and "dissolves" them. After the treatment, the treated area becomes more sensitive and the patient may feel itching, burning sensation and sometimes even pain. It is usually advisable to perform a series of treatments at 6-week intervals. Both mesotherapy and injection lipolysis are contraindicated to breastfeeding women. Cellulaze – laser cellulite reduction It is the latest tool in the fight against cellulite, having a high degree of efficiency and producing long lasting effects. The procedure is performed in a surgery under local anesthesia or short-term intravenous anesthesia. Through a minimal puncture, a thin fiber optic cable is introduced into the fat tissue, which irradiates the fat tissue, connective tissue septa and skin. The result of the treatment is increased tension and levelling of the skin surface as well as reduction in adipose tissue thickness. We recommend this treatment to patients who want quick results with a minimally invasive procedure. The treatment is contraindicated to breastfeeding women. N.I.L. infrasound liposuction This is a procedure for ladies who wish to get rid of excess pounds, which are a memento after nine months of pregnancy. The treatment allows restoring correct proportions of the silhouette and to model it in problematic areas. Liposuction also helps to improve the appearance of cellulite in combination with reduction of fat tissue in deeper areas. The main advantage of the procedure is the durability of results - fat tissue in the treated areas is not renewed. The procedure is contraindicated to breastfeeding women.

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Specialist treatments performed at Ambroziak Clinic cause reduction of adipose tissue, which reduces or completely eliminates cellulite. Non-invasiveness of our treatments is combined with practically non-existent period of convalescence. In some cases, cellulite reduction can be combined with reduction of fat tissue that may have appeared during pregnancy. Whichever treatment the patient chooses together with the specialist, the result will be elimination of cellulite and ability to enjoy smooth, supple and vital skin.
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