Abrasion of the uterine cavity (uterine curettage)

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Uterine cavity abrasion (uterine curettage) is a procedure which can save not only a woman's health, but also her life. Although curettage is most often associated with miscarriage, in most cases it is performed in completely different cases, unrelated to miscarriage or abortion.

Curettage serves not only to treat the uterus, but also to diagnose its condition. In diagnostics, it allows collection of material from inside the organ for histopathological examination. This is when one speaks of microabrasion of the uterine cavity. The simplest way to say it is that abrasion means simply mechanical exfoliation of endometrial tissues (mucous membrane). Exfoliation can be complete (so-called uterine cleaning) or partial, when, for example, curettage is performed to take a piece of endometrium for examination.

Why is it worth it?

Abrasion of the uterine cavity can have both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Uterine curettage for diagnostic purposes is performed, for example, in postmenopausal women who continue to bleed. In such cases, cancer is suspected and a sample of endometrial tissue needs to be taken for examination. Curettage is also performed for women who need to be diagnosed for infertility or irregular and heavy periods. More often than for diagnostic purposes, uterine abrasion is performed to save a woman's health or life. For example, it may be performed in women who have a polyp detected in the uterine cavity. Curettage then involves its removal. Other worrying changes in the endometrium such as thickening of its layer are also indications for abrasion. Uterine curettage is also a common procedure after childbirth. In women who have a natural labour, abrasion is only indicated if there is a risk that parts of the placenta remain in the uterine cavity. Abrasion is also a common procedure in miscarriages when it is suspected that there are unexpelled remains of miscarriage left in the uterus.

What do you need to know?


Uterine cavity


PLN 3 300

Problem solved

Remains or polyps in the uterine cavity.

Duration time

App. 10 minutes


The results of uterine cavity abrasion vary depending on the problem the patient is treating. This procedure performed at Ambroziak Clinic leads to the removal of dangerous polyps or remains of childbirth or miscarriage. Additionally, for diagnostic purposes, a sample of endometrial tissue is taken, which is later used for detailed histopathological examination.

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The uterine curettage procedure in Warsaw is usually performed under short-term intravenous anaesthesia and takes only about 10 minutes. The doctor inserts a device, called a spoon, into the uterine cavity; its task is to peel off the tissues. The removed tissues are subjected to histopathological examination. Bleeding usually occurs after the curettage, which should stop after a few days. The patient may also experience pain in the uterus and the birth canal.

No, as the cervix abrasion procedure is performed under intravenous anaesthesia.

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