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Contrary to a common conviction, aesthetic medicine is not addressed only to women. There are many treatments used by men, while some are dedicated exclusively to men.

Along with growing awareness of what aesthetic medicine really is and how broad its scope is, the group of our patients has also changed. Gentlemen visit our clinic more and more often, so we do our best to ensure a broad range of treatments, meeting their expectations – both in terms of aesthetic medicine and other fields of medicine.

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Penis circumference enlargement
Safe, proven method trusted by thousands of men.
HD Liposuction Body Shaping
N.I.L. liposuction
Picosecond laser
Beauty within a picosecond
Nanosecond laser
Many problems - one solution
CO2 Fractional Laser
Micro punctures, macro results
Mesotherapy - Peptide hair therapy
Saving power of peptides
Scalp mesotherapy
Strong, healthy hair
Platelet Rich Plasma
Secret of youth from the nature
High-frequency focused ultrasound
Ultrasound lift
Technology of concentrated ultrasounds in the reduction of body fat and cellulite
Power of ultrasounds
Muscle electrostimulation
Laser hair removal
Silky smooth skin
WAW FUE hair transplantation
Permanent, non-invasive and effective.
Hair under the magnifying glass

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