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Over time, the skin loses its ability to regenerate. When the cohesion and exfoliation processes in the horny layer do not work properly, the skin takes on a grey, tired and pale appearance.

Selvert Thermal provides a solution for the most demanding and mature skin types, namely Ligne Regeneration Absolue, a combination of advanced active ingredients (ProRenew Complex and snail protein extract) that stimulates natural self-regeneration, increasing it by 20% in just 4 days.
Selvert Thermal Regeneration Absolue restores the skin's rosy tone, healthy youthful appearance, improves its texture and enhances its protection.

It acts on skin cells, restoring their energy and activating them. As a result, Regeneration Absolue increases the synthesis of basic proteins, improves the structure of collagen and elastin fibres, strongly reinforcing them.

Why is it worth it?

- accelerates the cell regeneration process; - improves protection of the hydrolipidic film; - reduces density of the horny layer and initiates its self-renewal; - protects against bacteria in the skin; - reduces inflammation and redness of the skin;

What do you need to know?



Problem solved

dry, tired, dull skin

How often repeat

1 x per week

Duration time

1 hour
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