Excessive sweating of armpits

Treatment of hyperhidrosis: effective methods

Cosmetic (antiperspirants) and medical (blockers) topical preparations are the most frequently used by patients for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. In some people, such treatment is sufficient, although it is a little bit troublesome due to the need of regular application and, in case of stronger agents, skin irritation.
Treatments for excessive sweating

Botulinum toxin is a substance widely used in various fields of medicine nowadays. However, it has a special place in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. It works by blocking the secretion of acetylcholine, an important mediator in the sweating process. Basically, this means that the nerves responsible for stimulating sweating are blocked. The treatment can be performed on practically any area of the body. First, a local anaesthetic cream is applied and then, using a very short and thin needle, the preparation is inserted into the skin by pricking. Constant cooling with ethyl chloride, which has an additional anaesthetic effect, increases comfort during the procedure. 


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Botulinum toxin
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Botulinum toxin

The botulinum toxin treatment is very popular thanks to quick and spectacular results.
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