Laryngology, which is a separate specialisation of Ambroziak Clinic Warsaw, focuses on disorders of the nose, paranasal sinuses and surrounding areas.
A laryngologist has a wide scope of competence and all qualifications to examine structures within the head and neck. As a laryngological clinic, we conduct diagnostics and treatment of nose, sinuses, throat, larynx, tonsils and ears diseases. We offer the following laryngological procedures: treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea (Ellman radiosurgery), palatine tonsils cryptolysis (treatment of chronic tonsilitis), nasal septoplasty (correction of curved septum) and nasal conchoplasty (correction of nasal conchae). The laryngologist ought to be consulted if the following symptoms are noticed: breathing through the mouth, frequent headaches or sore throat, dizziness, imbalance, loss of smell or taste, problems with the oesophagus, hearing problems, apnoea, snoring, nose bleeding, recurrent infections within the upper respiratory tract. All of them may be sings of serious laryngological conditions.

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Treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea - radiosurgery
Palatine tonsil cryptolysis (treatment of chronic tonsillitis)
Nasal septoplasty (correction of nasal septum curvature)
Nasal conchoplasty (correction of nasal conchae)

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