Phlebology and Vascular Surgery

Professional diagnostics and treatment of vein diseases

Phlebology is a branch of medicine which deals with diagnosing and treating vein diseases. Advanced vascular surgery procedures are performed at Ambroziak Clinic Warsaw

Ambroziak Clinic Warsaw offers help of a doctor specialising in phlebology and the latest methods of treating diseases of the venous system. The discipline of phlebology and vascular surgery helps in treating such ailments as varicose veins, swelling and spider veins. It helps us care for both the condition of our legs and their beauty. It is, therefore, important not only as a way to get rid of unsightly conditions, but also to maintain health. Our domain is vascular surgery and minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment methods using lasers, radio waves and innovative preparations. The phlebology department offers: VenaSeal varicose vein closing, Venefit radio frequency varicose vein thermoablation, varicose veins sclerotherapy, miniphlebectomy (vein crocheting), laser removal of dilated capillaries and stripping of lower limb veins.

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Varicose vein closure system
Lower limb varicose veins - radiofrequency thermoablation
Laser closing of capillaries
Lower limb vein stripping

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