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Double chin, chubby cheeks or sagging knees - these problems may be the result of local excess of fat tissue and very often occur in people of normal weight. The lipolysis treatment is a therapy involving injections of products inducing the process of fat cells destruction, which lasts about 3 weeks.

The lipolysis treatment is designed for patients with correct weight or insignificantly overweight. It helps to get rid of unwanted, extremely difficult to eliminate, so-called “local fat deposits”. It perfectly complements the diet, drainage treatments and physical exercise. Still, one always needs to remember that the injection lipolysis treatment is not an alternative to liposuction.

Why is it worth it?

The lipolysis treatment is a good solution for patients with correct weight, who do not need the liposuction treatment. It is able to destroy fat tissue in such a manner that the problem of double chin or too large cheeks disappears without having to perform liposuction, which is a more invasive treatment.

What do you need to know?


Cheeks, chin, knee area


From PLN 950

Problem solved

Local fat deposits in patients with correct weight.

How often repeat

At intervals of app. 3-6 weeks

Duration time

App. 20-40 minutes


There are many benefits of the polynucleotide therapy. First of all, they stimulate the skin towards natural regeneration and renewal. Additionally, they perfectly maintain proper skin hydration and prevent formation of free radicals. The treatment is dedicated to patients who show the first signs of aging, but it is also perfect for younger people to allow them maintain the condition and tightness of the skin.

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Lipolysis is a simple treatment of low invasiveness. First, the doctor selects the area in which injections are to be performed. Next, the doctor performs injections with a special thin needle and injects an appropriate quantity of the preparation. The complete treatment takes about 20-40 minutes.

A few days after the treatment, after discomfort disappears, several drainage treatments are recommended, e.g. lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage. These will support removal of the destroyed fat cells from the body. Regular treatments with the Smartlux (LED) lamp are also recommended. Please remember to protect the areas where the injections were performed (e.g. do not scratch off the scabs) until completely healed. Hygiene is of utmost importance during this period (swimming pool is not advised).

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period, blood coagulation disorders, severe diseases of the liver and kidneys, skin infections at the places of injections, allergy to the preparation, excessive adiposity.

Anaesthesia with a cream is performed before the treatment in order to reduce the pain sensations.

Lipolysis results are noticeable after about 3 weeks.

Yes, the lipolysis treatment ought to be repeated every 3-6 weeks until the desired result is achieved.

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