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RF radiofrequency treatment is one of the favourite skincare treatments among our patients. It is a non-invasive treatment that keeps your skin firm and resilient for a long time.

RF radiofrequency treatment is one of the best non-surgical techniques for maintaining youthful appearance. It does not use a laser. It is a patented system based on the use of radio frequency (RF) energy. The advanced Cool-Gel technology uses a freezing gel to cool the outer surface of the skin as the RF energy gently heats and modifies the soft tissues underneath the skin. This leads to contraction and tightening of collagen fibres. The treatment is short and does not involve a blood loss. What does this mean? Beautiful, resilient skin without pain and convalescence!

Why is it worth it?

RF radiofrequency is non-invasive and, therefore, does not require convalescence. Its effects are impressive, thanks to which many patients chose it. After the RF radiofrequency procedure there is general improvement of skin quality and a lift effect. Additionally, the RF radiofrequency procedure eliminates wrinkles and rebuilds collagen.

What do you need to know?




From PLN 800

Problem solved

Tired skin, not very firm

How often repeat

A series of 3-4 treatments at intervals of 2 weeks should prefereably be performed

Duration time

App. 1 hour


The face and neck skin may become firmer, which ensures mild, nonsurgical effect of eyebrow lift and smoothening of the face. The treatment is frequently performed in case of sagging chin. Radio waves are then applied on the face. Most patients notice treatment effects instantly. However, in some cases they may appear gradually over three to six months as the skin becomes firmer and new collagen fibres are formed. Depending on the treated area, looseness of the skin and expected results, more than one treatment may need to be performed.

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RF radiofrequency treatment requires no prior preparation or anaesthesia. During the treatment, gentle warmth is felt. The best and permanent results are achieved after a series of treatments.

Basically, no convalescence period is required, in contrast to surgical cosmetic treatments. The patient may return to regular activity instantly. Slight local reddening is usually visible for less than one hour, but never longer than 24 hours. Full effects of the treatment reveal gradually over several months; they may be expected to remain for one to two years, this time being variable in case of different patients. As in the case of any other cosmetic treatment, its effects may be expected to vanish over time. Then, the treatment may be repeated.

Skin inflammations, pregnancy and breastfeeding, active acne, epilepsy, pacemaker, all kinds of metal implants to be consulted with the person performing the treatment;

No, RF radiofrequency is not a painful treatment.

Yes, the best effects are observed after a series of treatments.

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