Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries and procedures: aesthetic and reconstructive

Plastic surgery is one of the oldest fields of medicine, which is constantly developing, that helps patients deal with various beauty imperfections.

Meeting the highest operational standards, Ambroziak Clinic is able to offer plastic surgeries and procedures performed by specialist surgeons in the best possible conditions, with particular focus on the patient’s safety and wellbeing. Moreover, we have developed a portfolio of non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

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Lift threads
Breast augmentation with implants
caring for your feminity
Breast reconstruction
caring for your feminity
Breast reduction
caring for your feminity
Breast lift
caring for your feminity
Breast lift with implants
caring for your feminity
Breasts symmetrization
caring for your feminity
Corrective plastic surgery of the external nose and nasal septum
Plastic surgery of upper and lower eyelids
a broader look
Tummy tuck - Abdominoplasty
Corrective plastic surgery of prominent ears
HD Liposuction Body Shaping
N.I.L. liposuction
Midface Lift
Bullhorn Lip Lift
Face and neck lift
Forehead and eyebrow lift
Plastic surgery of thighs
Plastic surgery of arms
Gynecomastia surgery
Beauty from the nature
Laser liposuction
LED therapy
Saving power of light
Phototherapy LED
LED Phototherapy

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