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Lifting by the touch
Why is it worth it? What do you need to know? Effects
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Cosmo Face is a face massage technic from Japan, created by Lone Sorensen. This massage visibly lifts face, reduce wrinkles and gives a fresh look to our face. Apart from that, is uses reflexology and works terapeutically. It stimulates natural processes in our body and makes us feel more relaxed.

Why is it worth it?

It is a massage working literally like lifting. Only after one procedure you can see the face looks more relaxed and is visibly lifted. Additionally, it is great for whole body by pressing the reflexology points on our face, responsible for different areas of the body.

What do you need to know?




550 PLN

Problem solved

Loss of the natural face oval, visible deterioration of skin firmness

How often repeat

2-3 times in the first week, then once a week

Duration time

120 minutes


Lifted face oval, reduction of wrinkles, stimulation of skin

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