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A beautiful silhouette requires many sacrifices. Intensive exercise, diet. Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from traditional methods used in the fight for an ideal figure. For people who care above all about non-invasiveness and painlessness of the procedure, another method of slimming was created - cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis, or cold therapy, is an excellent method of fat reduction without the use of a scalpel. The name of the treatment comes from two words "cryo" - icy and "lipolysis", i.e. the chemical breakdown of fat. What is cryolipolysis itself? It is a modern and painless procedure that uses cold to fight unnecessary fatty tissue. Fat cells are frozen and led to disintegration. Lipids from the fat cells are transported through the lymphatic system.

Why is it worth it?

The cryolipolysis process only affects adipose tissue, without interfering with condition of the skin, muscles or nerves. The treatment is non-invasive, so it does not require convalescence and its effects are sensational. The precision of the device makes it work directly in the place subjected to cryolipolysis.

What do you need to know?


Belly, sides, thighs, inner thigh sides, knees, arms, back, chin


PLN 1700-2800

Problem solved

Excess of fat tissue

How often repeat

The treatment ought to be repeated after 2-3 months, a series of 2-3 treatments is recommended

Duration time

one application of the head app. 40-60 minutes


Cryolipolysis effects are not visible immediately after the procedure. Usually the body needs about 3 months to get rid of dead fat cells. Unnecessary fat tissue is removed naturally during the metabolic process. Cryolipolysis needs to be repeated in order to enjoy satisfactory results. Usually 2-3 treatments performed every 2-3 months are required. However, first effects are visible already after 30 days. Performing the recommended number of treatments results in the loss of as much as 5-7 cm in circumference and preservation of the achieved slimming effect.

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Depending on the area and the head chosen, the treatment takes between 35 minutes and an hour. A gel pad is put on the treatment area to protect the skin from freezing and the treatment area is sucked into the special head. After the treatment time the head is removed and the person performing the treatment massages the treatment area in order to massage and stimulate circulation in the given area.

Drinking plenty of water.

pregnancy and breastfeeding; autoimmune diseases; inflammation at the site of surgery, in the case of surgery on the abdomen - previous abdominal operations, adhesions

No, the cryolipolysis treatment is painless. The patient may feel slight discomfort during sucking in and removal of the head.

Significant fat tissue reduction in the treated area

Results of the treatment are long lasting, but if the patient gains significant weight, the effects will be less visible

No, but it can be done 3 months after the treatment.

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