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The high-frequency focused ultrasound treatment meets the expectations of numerous patients suffering from the loss of body and face skin firmness. Already after one treatment, effects are spectacular.

The high-frequency focused ultrasound treatment is designed to achieve a long lasting body and face lift effect, visible after just one treatment. It is a device that uses the HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) technology, a focused ultrasound wave used to heat tissues such as skin, fat and muscle. As a result of selective heating, tissues tend to shrink; in addition, micro-damage occurs in the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen.

Why is it worth it?

The biggest advantage of high-frequency focused ultrasound is the possibility of firming any body part. Moreover, the effect is achieved already after the first treatment. Lack of convalescence, the possibility of performing the treatments all year round, regardless of sun exposure and long lasting effects are the reasons why our patients are always satisfied with the results.

What do you need to know?


Whole body


From PLN 2100

Problem solved

Skin flabbiness

How often repeat

The treatment is designed to be a one-time procedure but, for better results, it may be repeated after several months

Duration time

Depending on the area


The maximum effect is achieved after 2-3 months. Immediately after the treatment, initial and very favourable change in appearance is visible. The high-frequency focused ultrasound procedure applied to the face allows the effect to be maintained for approximately 2 years.

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The procedure is always preceded by an interview about, among other things, the patient's expectations. The specialist informs about possible consequences of the intended treatment. All arrangements are included in the Treatment Consent form. The patient is encouraged to print the document in advance, read it carefully, and then sign every page. Immediately before the HIFU procedure in Warsaw, the person performing the treatment assesses the scope of treatment and the depth at which it is to be performed. Transducers of different depths are applied to the area to be corrected. A single release of energy is felt as a gentle prick and warmth spreading. The average treatment time varies between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Immediately after the treatment, the patient may experience slight erythema on the skin, lasting for about 30 minutes. Immediately after the treatment, the patient can return to their daily activities. If the patient wishes, another treatment can be performed after 3 months. Another treatment regimen is to apply fewer pulses at a time and repeat the treatments every month for 3 consecutive months. The advantages of this scheme include reduction of possible pain and lower price of a single treatment.

After the treatment, the patient may pursue their regular activities.

Inflammation at the treatment site, skin lesions at the treatment site, herpes at the treatment site, pregnancy, neoplastic disease

No, it is not painful.

Significant skin firmness improvement, lift effect, improved facial oval.

App. 1.5-2 years


No, the treatment does not need to be repeated, but may be for better results.

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